We FIND, SELL, REPAIR, and STORE trailers.  Consignments are offered to help you fill someone's dream.  Vintage trailer parts are also available.

Our aim is to provide a way to own a fabulous vintage camper at a cost that allows you to feel good about the investment. 



 1. Finding the right trailer for you. In the Happy Campers Gallery, you'll find visions and dreams of customers we have helped.           What is your dream? We can find it for you!

 2. Helping you with decisions and logistics. What will fit your needs: size, weight, features and amenities (bathroom, water          system, electric brakes) etc.

 3. Maybe you've found a trailer and bought it, or considering it. We offer an inspection assessment          service similar to a home inspection.  A detailed report is provided, listing repairs and costs to get it the way you want it.  Or, just to          help you decide if this is the right camper for you.
 4. Figuring out how to fix the vintage so it will give years of pleasure. Every old camping trailer has issues                    from wear and tear, and years of exposure to the elements. Very few owners knew how to take care of them. We know how to fix                    them! Every camper undergoes inspection and evaluation from a 2-page checklist, so you (and we) know what we're working with.
 5. Refurbishing to fix the important basics. We seal the roof and edges; go thru and test and rehab the water, electric,                  propane systems. Tires, wheels, bearings, towing lines - we want it to be safe!

 6. Customizing the sweet thing so you can put your own finishing touches on it. We do what you can't or                prefer not to: flooring, bodywork, roof, paint, etc. Then you do the fun part - curtains, cushion covers, accessories, etc.

 7. Seasonal storage . Outdoor.  Very reasonable rates!

  8. Consignment sale.  When you are done enjoying your vintage trailer, Vintage-Travel-Trailer can sell it for you!





Contact us and let us know what we can help with!

 How we can help:

1. buying a camper,

2. repairing your camper,

3. consult when you consider buying,

4. seasonal storage,

5. consignment sale. 




Important facts you need to know before you buy an old travel trailer:


- what should the size and weight be of the trailer? (Do you know how much your tow                     vehicle can pull?)

- in what condition?

- plugged in or "off the grid"?

- toilet or shower - what is REALLY needed?

- how many beds? (adults, kids)

- 1950's, 60's, the 70's? what look/style/vintage is to your liking? 

- ready to go, or do you want to fixup & save $?

- what's your budget?

- how soon do you need it?



You may find this trailer.

Then have to do this.


Let us help you find the right trailer...


So talk to us before you buy!

Because when we examined this trailer based on our experience, we discovered water damage in several hidden places that required the removal and reconstruction of the entire rear wall and part of the floor.

Unanticipated cost $1000.


Located in the Colorado Foothills between Morrison and Conifer.

Tel: 720-229-8511

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