1967 Cardinal


Ready to go!

Cute and very well build.  Small and light weight, yet enough interior space!

1968 Forester

Gorgeous vintage turquoise appliances! Great layout.

For sale for


1959 Corvette

A lightweight canned ham. After repairs, this could be a $7500 camper!

     For Sale for 


1955 KING

The hard part of the renovation is complete with repairs to walls &       ceiling, dinette/sleeping area, and                        rear couch/bed area.                   The new floor is beautiful.

                     Ready to go!                      For sale now for $7500


     1965 Santa Fe

       A very cute          diamond in the ruff.

       For Sale for 


1958 Mercury for sale for $1900

A very popular body style!

The Campers below were RECENTLY SOLD.

  This cutie did not last long!

      1962 Mobile Scou

         Sold for $4500

 1973 ACE

$1900 SOLD!

Parked at our facility where the owners customized in their spare time.  

1960 Aloha - Sold and refurbished - $5500

Client bought this 1969 Scotty from us, did some cosmetic work on it herself and returned it to us for more repair work, until it was perfect for her AirBnB.

1971 Aristocrat Loliner- Sold and refurbished -$ 3000

1962 Shasta Airflyte - Sold and refurbished- $ 7500

1955 Rod and Reel Sold and refurbished - $ 13,000


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